Established in 1985, Chiltern Estates has developed a reputation as a reliable estate agency with a wide range of real estate expertise. Chiltern Estates specialises in residential and commercial property sales, long and short term rentals, management, relocation, real estate investment and property development.

Chiltern Estates can help you buy, rent or sell your property. Simply click on the appropriate category and you can browse properties by price range and size of the property.

Students can check out the affordable accommodation available in London, from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom flats. Contact us today to find the perfect student accommodation for your needs.

Chiltern Estates – International Property Investment
With a focus on the sale & rental of residential properties, Chiltern Estates has had the opportunity to assist a number of international clients and investors from a variety of countries, including France, Portugal, and Ireland. London real estate is always a good investment, from local and overseas property investors. Chiltern Estates can assist property investors and developers with property in Mayfair, Baker Street, London Central, the West End, and more.

Chiltern Estates Real Estate Sales Team
Our experienced real estate sales team is versatile and ready to assist in all aspects of residential property, with a policy of matching the right property with right client. This is made possible by clear communication of your property needs, especially since it can be hard to find the right type of city property for your desired lifestyle.

At Chiltern Estates we understand that different people have different needs from their property. Factors to be taken into consideration include location in relation to schools and shopping centres, parking availability and the traffic levels in the area, amongst others.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to doing business with you in the near future.